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The Future of Targeted Medicine

Developing cures for untreatable diseases through the discovery of active micro RNAs.

We are a Biotech-startup focused on developing novel genetic therapies.
Our goal is to develop novel therapies that target only cells causing a disease, with minimal patient burden.
We create the future where our therapies allow patients to live healthier and more fulfilling lives.
We believe our ingenuity and curiosity can lead us to the future.

RNA Design

Our patented RNA Switch technology enables us to develop novel therapies that control therapeutic effect in a cell-specific manner.


aceRNA Technologies Secures 960 million JPY Series B to develop targeted mRNA therapeutics

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We and Pfizer entered into an agreement to collaborate on RNA switch technology

aceRNA Technology and Pfizer entered into an agreement to collaborate on RNA switch technology. In the collaboration, we aim to engineer RNA switch for potential targeted mRNA medicines.

We seek patnerships!

We are looking to develop revolutionary new treatments with partner companies using RNA Switches.

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Join our quest to discover and develop novel therapies.

It is a work that takes boundless imagination and curiosity.
One idea can lead us to a new cure.
One can dream to change the course of humanity.
We are looking for like-minded individuals who would join our endeavor.